About Us

What is our Mission: We are a non-profit group whose mission is making counseling easy to access for the people of San Antonio. Our services include concierge counseling for individuals, families, couples and groups where our counselors go to client homes, a park or other places where clients feel comfortable and safe. We also provide HIPAA Compliant video counseling services to clients throughout the state of Texas.

Who we are: Right now, our organization is new and growing. Our Board of Directors is a group of 3 professionals 2 of which are combat veterans of the war in Iraq. The other is a practicing Psychologist who operates in the Northeast. Our Staff Therapist/Clinical Hiring Manager is also a Veteran and a former First Responder. We are eager to help anyone in San Antonio who feels they need counseling services that come to you; whether it’s because they have anxiety about leaving home, it’s too difficult for them to take the travel time and time away from home/children/responsibilities, plain convenience and comfort, wanting to have counseling outdoors in a beautiful park or any other myriad of reasons. We have a strong love for the Veteran and Service Member communities as many of us are members of that population and have experience dealing with the traumas and problems these members face especially in regards to the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. We also support our First Responders and have members who fall into this population as well. We are Proud Allies of the LGBTQIA+ population and have counselors who are members of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health(WPATH) and have a lot of experience in the specific needs of this population as well.